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Bohan Li


I am an international student from Harbin China studying at Kendall College of Art and Design of FSU. I am currently pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts in Printmaking program, which I enjoy. Before attending Kendall College, I learned English at Grand Valley State University and back home in China I received a Bachelor degree in Visual Communication Art & Design at Jiangnan University at 2012.

I began to study drawing when I was four years old. The first time I won an international award was when I was five years old. This award gave me immense courage which has bolstered my affinity for artwork. I have been studying Chinese traditional art and painting it for more than 17 years. I appreciate creating innovative things that have a practical application in our everyday life. Moreover, I have a great interest and passion for the field of design.

I approach printmaking is dynamic and innovative. Bringing together a variety of disciplines to printmaking, I have developed my complex printmaking and art-making “language”; that of “multi-sensory art”-my MFA thesis. I often experimental and comprehensive use of different materials in my art. More recently, I was constructing an enormous handmade paper object into which one looks into the inside of to see a projected kaleidoscope.  My work is always challenging, both for the viewer as well as for myself.

2016 Golden Apple Residency
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